Thomas Reed earned his degree in Mathematics and Physics at East Carolina University. After working for 16 years as a design and cost analysis engineer in telecommunications, he took a two-year sabbatical to study and attempt to understand the true meaning of holiness, especially as contrasted with the smothering effect of humanism and liberal progressivism on our lives.

During this two-year period, Thomas wrote the theological side of his book, After Capitalism and Christianity, but did not publish the material for 20 years (in January 2012). In 2009 he wrote the political content of the book, in response to the sharp turn to the left in American politics. His message focused on the liberal left's agenda and the way in which it mirrored religious humanism - specifically their goal to achieve a one-world government and thus bring about the ultimate demise of our country. Even now we are witnessing the demise and dismantling of the greatest nation on Earth.

Realizing that during these troubling days, many people are looking to understand the plight of our country, and what lies ahead for Christians, Reed reorganized After Capitalism and Christianity as a series of short works: The End of Old America, Holiness, and Overcoming Antichrist. These books have now been combined into one comprehensive work: America's Demise; Antichrist's Rise

Thomas Reed is a married man and business owner, living in North Carolina.