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America's Demise;

Antichrist's Rise


What to Expect with the Tribulation and End of Days


The world is quickly approaching Armageddon.  Reflect on the magnitude of that fact. 


America will fall before the end times, but “we, the people” do not have to  fall with our country. Nor should we allow ourselves to slip into the global humanist cesspool of immorality, which is now accepted by society at large and even by the church.


What exactly awaits us in the dark days ahead?  How can we, as individuals, prepare? Those who take the Bible seriously can look to its message to know what to expect, and how we can rise from the ruins through personal reformation, as manifested in a life of holiness.

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Antichrist's Rise


America, it's time to wake up! It's time to shed the sin that so easily overwhelms us. As never before, it's time to be holy.

These troubled times, we believe, are a prelude to the Great Tribulation, the end of time, and the return of Jesus Christ.