What is Humanism – And What Is It Doing to Christianity?

Humanism is defined as, “an outlook or system of thought attaching prime importance to human rather than divine or supernatural matters.”

Every tenet of Humanism is antithetical to the Word of God, just as Satan is the antithesis of God. If the Bible says yes, Humanists say no. The Humanist Manifesto is the Devil’s bible, and Humanists are his disciples. Humanism and Christianity are direct opposites and cannot coexist in the heart of man or in the nation in which he lives.

Humanists are quick to affirm the supremacy of man and to deny the existence of God. Accordingly, they teach that everything evolved into its present state totally by chance, without a special creative act of God Almighty. Since there is no god, they place man at the center of all things, as the measure of all things. As his own god, man began from himself with no knowledge except what he himself can discover. Since there is no God, there are no standards outside of man, no absolutes to regulate his behavior.

The phenomenal spread of the cancerous filth of Humanism is insinuating itself into every facet of American life. The Humanist movement has become organized, and infiltrated every aspect of our society – the halls of academia, the entertainment industry, the informational media, the political process, and on and on. Humanists virtually control America’s corporations, her education process, her press, her government, and most of organized religion. As a result, Humanism is legalized by her courts, legislated by her Congress, idolized by her schools, and sanctified by her churches.

Humanists are in charge of our country. Their religion is the state religion. They control the preponderance of American behavior. We are definitely a changed people from even a few decades ago. Sure, old Americans survive, but the old America is gone. The American eagle no longer proudly soars over a people of honor, integrity, and truthfulness.

Many Christians have received Humanism as the acceptable norm. They didn’t necessarily want to deny their Christian heritage, but their mental composition has been progressively and systematically altered. This wide-scale mental transformation is orchestrated by dedicated professionals with practices that are clearly antithetical to established Biblical procedure. Preaching values clarification, behavior modification, and situational ethics, these latter-day evangels do indeed alter the consciousness of all who open their minds to their insidious madness. In the reconditioning process, they defuse the conscience and leave their victims opposed to any direction from a God-authored source. When they are finished with the mutant, only the shell remains intact; the inner man has been transformed into a child of darkness. The self has been enthroned, and God has been eliminated from his heart.

Humanists believe that Christianity must discard its traditional beliefs and doctrines, those upon which America was founded, into a less offensive, less dogmatic and more humanist-friendly form. True Christians must be marginalized to minimize their impact on a changing world, mocked for their obsolete beliefs and behaviors, and eventually martyred to make way for the world’s total acquiescence to the state religion of Humanism.

As Humanists rally against Christianity, they legalize baby murder, homosexual marriages and the banning of prayer in public schools. They consider the family unit an unnecessary, often harmful, anachronism to them, and they push for population control. They rob us of our responsibility, accountability, and ultimately, our freedom.

Humanists are using their powerful legal arm, the ACLU, to strip away all Christian traditions, emblems, and practices that occupy or enter the public domain. Prayer has been banned in the classroom, but prayer is not all that is being removed from public view. Humanists also “oppose the use in any public school of any religious ceremony, pageant, monument, symbol, costume, textbook, or system of instruction which favors or promotes any religion.”

The Christians corrupted by Humanism now nurture a passion for pleasure and possessions, a lust for leisure and recreation, and an obsession with sin. Sin opened the door to Humanism, and sin keeps it open. As long as America bathes herself in sin, Humanism will remain the nation’s state religion, Communism will push closer to our shores, and our souls will be lost.

For more on Humanism, see my recently-published book, America's Demise; Antichrist's Rise.

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