The Demise of American Values

What has happened to America? Many of our citizens have lost hope for the future of our beloved country, our economic model and our founding faith. The demise of America and her foundational institutions is not by accident or default. It has been and continues to be a planned program of the destruction of the American way of life and all that we as Christian conservatives hold dear.

Demise of American Values

In recent decades, a new America has subtly and slyly emerged, dominated by liberal elites and ignorant, self-serving masses who ask not what they can do for their country, but what their country can do for them.

In the new America, Christian morals are no longer accepted and taught. Evil is called good; right is called wrong. Truth has fallen in the streets, and justice lies by her side. Deception is on steroids. The good are despised and maligned. The bad are often worshiped as heroes. Sin is accepted as everyday behavior. Blame is laid at the feet of society or poverty or discrimination. An apathetic Self, lacking love, has become our god.

Prosperity has spoiled us. We have borrowed recklessly with little or no concern for the future, just to maintain a lifestyle we cannot afford. We are proud. We have plenty. We love pleasure. We crave the mind-numbing filth turned out by Hollywood. The depths of depravity are without limits.

In the new America, taking responsibility for one’s own success has faded, while groups have risen, claiming special privileges simply because they are members of a group. Group rights invariably infringe on or impede the rights and freedoms of those unwilling or unable to claim special treatment. “Old” Americans would never stoop so low as to claim privilege above the whole of citizenry simply because they are part of a sinking minority of freedom-loving, America-first traditionalists, increasingly ostracized and ignored by their own government.

We shamelessly murder millions of innocent unborn babies, then employ foreign workers, mostly from our southern neighbor, to do our menial jobs that we are too lazy or too burdened with debt to do.

In the new America, the sin of homosexuality is blessed as just an alternate approach, devoid of natural affection, yet bursting with political clout. Our government officials and politicians bow and cater to their open, boastful, and often militant demands for special rights, as if they are somehow an oppressed people. They clamor for respect while they display rampant disrespect of and disdain for Christians and Biblical values.

The new America has (for the most part) turned her back on God. It seems destined to continue to do so, because our institutional infrastructures are powerful, pervasive, and godless. For this ethically-challenged generation, traditional Judeo-Christian values have long since vanished from the public square, just like God’s Word. With the Word of God banned publicly, we have lost our only true guide, for it contains unchangeable absolutes and laws to rightly govern the affairs of man. Nothing else will.

My book, America's Demise; Antichrist's Rise., examines the death grip that humanism has on America, her mode of commerce, and her religious structures. Unfortunately, we have all been affected by the humanistic mix in our culture, so much so that the future of our country, our economy, our faith and freedoms are at stake. And they are all under attack by the same forces of evil – the pervasive powers of religious humanism.

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