The Sins of Hollywood

The entertainment industry (movies, television, music, etc.) is probably the most obvious and most visible expression of the humanist world takeover. This medium of worldly swill and humanistic slime has penetrated and corroded every aspect of our lives, tantalizing the flesh to fornicate with the world and break our communion with God. In the name of entertainment, the world is electronically piped into our living rooms. No longer must man seek out sin and filth clandestinely, in bars and peep joints.

Thanks to popular entertainment, most Americans now believe that put-downs are funny, that life is fiction, that material goods will make them happy, that sex, violence, wealth, and fame are the desirable norm. Human conversations have become open, obscene and non-discriminate. Even Christians no longer feel guilty when discussing vulgar or otherwise private matters in public.

Television networks knowingly push the humanist value system on millions of ignorant viewers. New ager George Christie boasts that “the father’s house is wired, and we can infuse that network with a living, vital positive energy that will transform the planet … we are midwives of a birthing process to the New age.” In the name of entertainment, Americans readily accept the values of humanist ideology being shoved down their throats. Thus, TV can inflict behavior modification on a mass scale, shaping society itself.

Thanks to Hollywood, throngs of Americans have a distorted picture of Christians. If a Christian character is even included in a script, that character is portrayed as a narrow-minded, self-righteous, judgmental, incompetent, hypocritical sinner. Or the character is likely to be a psychopath, for whom religion is a form of sickness. It is exceedingly rare to find a sympathetic Christian character whose life is positively transformed by faith and goodness.

Thanks to Hollywood, Biblical Christianity is now considered by many to be the religion of freaks, fanatics, and futurists, of doomsayers, dullards, and defeatists. Thanks to Hollywood, millions never bat an eye as the networks and studios trample traditional Christian values, principles, and prophecies. Hollywood glamorizes self-gratification, while it degrades God’s demand for self-denial and cross-carrying. Hollywood shuns the Christian’s hope of eternal salvation and ridicules his fear of everlasting damnation.

The sin of entertainment is its emphasis on the present and the tangible, its silence toward Heaven and the soul, its spurning of the spiritual, its fascination with the physical. Entertainment supports and promotes one of our greatest enemies – the flesh. It is one of Satan’s most seductive means of secularizing society and polluting the soul. Entertainment pampers the old man (the sinning self), reassures him of his preeminence and encourages him to practice his corrupt ways. Its message is the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life. When lust is conceived, sin always follows.

The act of watching a movie or listening to music may not in itself be a sin. Our minds are a battleground, and the battle is lost when the only food our soul receives is delivered wrapped in humanism. The next time we sit before a television, filling our minds with sex and violence, we should ask ourselves if this act is helping us to grow spiritually. Or are we instead applauding the darkest, most damnable filth Hell has to offer? If we are to preserve our sanctification, we must be very selective of what we watch and listen to, and be aware when the directors of humanism try to slip their religious messages overtly and subliminally into our minds through “entertaining” media.

We should ask ourselves if there is even the slightest difference between our applause of corruption and the ancient Roman’s voracious appetite for the same, which the apostle Paul condemned: “Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them” (Romans 1:32).

For more on sin and the world's path to destruction, see my recently-published book, America's Demise; Antichrist's Rise.

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