The Death of Capitalism

Death of capitalism

Capitalism and socialism coexist today in a fascist-style marriage of convenience, but at the end of this age, socialism will totally envelop capitalism. The evolutionary process that began in the early 1900s will end with a final coup de grâce. Socialists hate private enterprise. They are not content with a mixture. To remedy the world’s ills, they feel that nothing less than the death of capitalism and complete redistribution of the world’s wealth will correct the mammoth inequities in today’s economic structures.

The stage is set for a final end-time clash between the world’s two economic forces. Many capitalists do indeed continue to get exponentially richer under capitalism, but the system itself is suffering. It is being strangled by taxing, regulating, and litigating forces of governments dominated by socialists. Kept alive for now, capitalism is used for the resources and production capabilities needed to fuel socialism’s worldwide redistribution rampage.

Humanists view capitalism as an obstacle to human progress. To them, commercialization is a debasing force. To them, individuals are ground down by the weight of capitalism and must be rescued by the State. To them, when cyclical economic bubbles burst (as the recent housing debacle demonstrates), the evil capitalism is to blame. The crisis gives the socialists the excuse they need to pass massive redistribution legislation.

With such hatred, ideological fervor, and overwhelming political clout, socialism (humanism) is bound to win the struggle, on a global level. All remaining privately-owned institutions will collapse and be replaced with public, international socialism. The socialist takeover first introduced in the United States seventy-five years ago is today hopelessly engrained in the moral fiber of a materialistic, security-conscious people.

William Bowen, a noted authority on humanism and globalism, said, “The complete takeover will come through an economic catastrophe. Most likely, it will be the result of a bankruptcy of the United States government. That will trigger a devaluation of money and lead to a stock market crash. This will bring on a world depression—and a global government which will be thought necessary to solve all our problems.”

When capitalism falls, the Antichrist will be free to institute his worldwide socialistic state. With dictatorial powers, he will control all buying and selling, with the issuance of a mark on the hand or forehead. Gone forever are free enterprise and capitalism, as they exist today.

With some version of socialism already controlling or heavily influencing every major government on Earth, the machinery is already in place. All that is missing is a financial collapse and a powerful leader to organize confused, national economies into a universal system marked by the total absence of private ownership and personal liberties.

Such restraints characterize communist states today. In a Communist regime, those who oppose the state are generally crushed without question. The brutal murder of millions of dissidents in Russia, China, Vietnam, etc., attests to this grim fact. Loss of life means nothing to a Communist. The state must be preserved. The Communist Party must remain in power and unchallenged.

Such selfishness portrays the mastermind behind this hellish philosophy; Karl Marx was humane in his theories but arrogant and dictatorial in his style. He was domineering, with boundless self-confidence. Devoid of any belief in God, Marx and his friends were described as self-appointed gods. Marx even considered himself godlike and equal to the Creator, not unlike his deceptive predecessor, Satan, and his egomaniacal successor, Antichrist.

Is it any wonder that Marx’s theories, when put into practice, produce governments that emulate the style of their creator? Marxist philosophies, born in Hell and wrapped in deception, inevitably lead to dictatorial, atheistic states governed by self-appointed gods. They lead to totalitarian thought control and brutal measures to re-educate. They lead to loss of life and liberty, to the perfection of slavery and inhumanity, to concentration camps. They lead to monopolization of privilege and power by a small aristocracy. They lead to economic stagnation, collective poverty, and tyranny. They lead to chaotic economic activity, inefficiencies, and scarcity. Finally, they lead to Antichrist.

For more on the world's demise in the face of socialism, see my recently-published book, America's Demise; Antichrist's Rise.

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