The Dark Side of Democracy

America was founded as a Republic, but built upon a system that failed to stress a nation under the divine jurisdiction of God. Consequently, our nation has, in the name of religious pluralism, abandoned its safe haven “under God” and rejected the vision our Pilgrim and Puritan founders had for their new home.

As our republic grew less righteous, it became more democratic, reaching the point today of almost pure democracy, where everyone votes, regardless of their stake in our nation’s survival. Sadly, many who vote today care only about the return on their invested trip to the polls, and what their country can do for them. It’s clear that democracy has gone bad when the majority cares more for their wallets than for the good of their country as a whole. With the loss of traditional Judeo-Christian values of humility and love for others, the restraints on immoral majority voting power are gone. Democracy only works for a moral people. We are no longer that.

If 51% of the nation vote to legalize immorality, then it is right in the eyes of the law. That goes for abortion, homosexual marriages, etc. God says these acts are sin, but when the majority makes them the law of the land, then the voice of the people, by default, becomes the voice of God. The dark side of democracy is exposed, as the will of God is supplanted by the will of an immoral majority. They can disregard God’s decrees on sin, and invent their own definition of right and wrong.

Of course, liberals don’t believe in sin and the Biblical view of right and wrong. They don’t care if they trample on God’s Word en route to remaking our Christian America into a humanist stronghold. In a pure democracy, there is nothing to check the majority from ganging up on the minority, sacrificing the weaker party to the omnipotence of numbers, the totalitarian poison of popular rule. Simply put, democracy is a lethal weapon in the wrong hands.

The poorer and less-educated members of any society are the most numerous – and also the most gullible – the most malleable in the hands of the professional politician. Productive and educated individuals are in the minority. Hence, democracy taken to its full end will place the majority of our country’s property and resources in the hands of the poor and their elitist redistribution masters.

When that happens, democracy is finished. Democracy is, in fact, a temporary form of government on the way to a totalitarian regime. Democracy self-destructs when morals collapse and self-lovers vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. The well runs dry, chaos ensues, and a dictator arises to restore order. In the process, of course, freedom is lost.

Unfortunately, many in America (in both political parties) seem determined to hasten global rule by democratizing other nations. Who made America the world’s master builder? We have no right or mandate to democratize the world, even though that seems to be the battle cry of the humanistic west. As America fights unnecessary wars to “democratize” the world, weakening our own economy in the process, we bring the humanists closer and closer to achieving their goals.

It seems to be an obsession – democracy for everyone whether they want it or not. Why democratize the world when our own system is turning into a failure? Its two hundred year shelf-life is past its expiration date and is unraveling fast. But before it fails, the liberals can mercilessly tax the unrepresented members of the productive class.

Progressive lowering of voting standards has been integral to the democratization of our republic, and subsequent collapse into mob-induced socialism. The vote is swayed by the ignorant masses that have no stake in the future viability of our nation. In fact, liberals have corrupted the democratic process so much that now dead people vote, and live people vote more than once. It seems Mickey Mouse now has a say in who goes to D.C.

What a wonderful tool democracy has proven to be for liberals to peaceably hijack our government, convert it first to mob rule and then to dictatorship, ultimately paving the way for Antichrist on a global scale. For more on the liberals' view of democracy, see my recently-published book, America's Demise; Antichrist's Rise.

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