How the Liberals Took Over America

The Liberals War Against American Values

Over the last century, liberals have launched a systematic, all-out war against the spiritual descendants of the patriots who fought for our freedom in the 1700’s. This second American revolution has been directed not against a foreign foe but against her own citizens: their core beliefs and behaviors, their faith, their patriotism, their history and their financial security.

The liberal revolution aims to dismantle every vestige of Christianity, every aspect of the free market, every memory of who we really are and where we came from. The liberals attack using the silent killers of government, regulations, taxation, policies and so-called reform. They march out an army of lawmakers, lawyers, judges, professors, social workers, journalists, union members and community organizers to overwhelm their foe. As they fight to further their own selfish and deluded agenda, they will precipitate the undoing of all mankind.

The goal of the liberal revolution is universal socialism, absent any nationalistic allegiances, and void of all evidence of Christianity. Liberals would use capitalism to finance their giveaway programs, and then dismantle and abolish private business. They would destroy every symbol, tradition, and biblically-sound doctrine of Christianity – along with anyone who believes in them.

How have the humanistic liberals accomplished this devious and triumphant take-over?

The Dumbing-Down of America – The unintelligent are more susceptible to propaganda, more easily led as sheep. Thus, the liberals have set about “dumbing-down” America – its student body and work force – so as to make the citizenry more malleable. Through affirmative action, quotas and reverse discrimination, the liberals force schools and hiring managers to accept the less-qualified, while rejecting and demoralizing the qualified.

Psychological Warfare and Redirection – One of the liberals’ common ploys is to project their transgressions onto the opposition. They falsely accuse conservatives of the very things they are guilty of. They also blame conservatives for all existing problems, and place scandalous labels on them.

Liberals excel at diverting blame or cushioning blows by saying they are simply mimicking the tactics of their opponents. Liberals are never wrong; conservatives are never right. In the rare occasion when they are caught in a lie or misdeed – rare indeed, since the media refuses to expose them – they respond with an example, often weak or irrelevant, of conservative misbehavior or faulty policy.

Demonizing the Enemy – The poor soul who opposes the liberal agenda finds himself the target of venomous attacks on his beliefs. Liberals consider everything to be fair game in their war to win the heart and soul of our country – even if it means attaching an enemy’s personal and family life.

To destroy the opposition and neutralize their positions, liberals invent derogatory catch-phrases and sinister-sounding labels, such as right-winger, homophobe, religious right, sexist, racist, Nazi, Christianist or fascist. Their robotic corps of media propagandists carries on the charge, tattooing the false claims on the public brain with mind-numbing repetition. This demonization has cleverly maneuvered conservatives into a trap. If conservatives reject state intervention and entitlement programs (mostly aimed at minorities), the liberals will label them as bigots.

Creating a Whipping Boy – Liberals manufacture and peddle white guilt as a springboard to the passage of laws to redistribute the earnings of honest, hard-working citizens. In this war on conservative white males, liberals have an ace in the hole – the race card. If you are a conservative, you are automatically a racist. If you are against government-run healthcare, you are a racist. If you voted against Obama or opposed his policies, you are a racist. If you resist welfare programs or racial preferences aimed at minorities (considered by some as overdue reparations for slavery), you are a racist.

Now we see many whites succumbing to public pressure, buying into the guilt. Unfortunately, all they really have become are “useful idiots” to the vast left wing conspiracy.

Creating Crises – Creating crises, such as war, global warming, poverty, racism, executive greed/corruption, the housing collapse and the health care crisis has become a valuable weapon in the liberals’ revolution. Crises heighten a sense of emergency, making it easier for liberals to bypass conventional rules, and legislate from the bottom of the deck.

It is natural for people to fear crisis, to search urgently for solutions. In a crisis situation, liberals can seize the opportunity to expand government control over the economy, to favor public over private, to polarize society. Blaming capitalism for the crisis simply facilitates their efforts to spread the wealth to their loyal constituents while gaining more power for themselves.

The PC Movement – An indoctrination mechanism, the PC movement is designed to mold us all into uniformity of thought and action. The liberal warriors inflict a PC world on us by force, using both social pressure and legal regulations – which once again successfully generate fear.

Because of the PC movement, people are now afraid to open their mouths in case they might inadvertently say something that offends one of the protected minorities. Should they misspeak, they appear ignorant, backwards, or worse yet: bigoted. Isn’t it the ultimate shameful irony that, in the “home of the brave,” the land of free speech, we are actually afraid to talk openly anymore?

For more on the liberals’ second revolution against America and Christianity, see my book, America's Demise; Antichrist's Rise.

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