Is God in Favor of Capitalism?

I am a firm believer in free enterprise and the concept behind pure capitalism. I believe that God has always advocated both man’s economic freedom and his individual responsibility. That freedom and responsibility must include rights such as owning property, excelling in a vocation of his choice, providing goods and services, supporting his family, helping the needy, and putting enough aside for a rainy day.

Man’s economic freedom comes in the form of profits. There is nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with man’s natural desire to improve himself, or to reap the rewards of his talent, energy, ingenuity and self-sacrifice. Nothing wrong with taking a profit, so long as it is done honestly and no one is hurt in the process. In other words, there’s nothing wrong with gain, as long as does not come at another’s pain.

The concept behind private enterprise is not inherently evil. Is there, however, something about the spirit, attitude, or driving force within capitalism that is repulsive to God? Yes. In fact, in the eyes of Gold, there are both pure and impure forms of capitalism. Abuses of privilege and misuse of capitalism’s freedoms separate good-old-fashioned private ownership from the impure form of capitalism. As soon as soon as abuse of freedom becomes part of our business dealings, God’s sanction departs, and an unloving, unholy spirit administers our economic affairs.

With the willful perversion of the freedoms of capitalism, man can mutate free enterprise into a competitive, ever-expanding monster. He merges equipment and human labor into a profit-producing machine that is incapable of looking beyond its own voracious appetite for higher and higher profits.

This form of impure capitalism lends itself to man’s natural desire for fun, fame and fortune. Man focuses on selfish desires, seeking gratification through material things, forsaking the rights of others and perverting the love of God into a maddened craze for pleasure, possessions and prestige.

Certainly, not all privately-owned enterprises are unholy in nature, nor do all corporations harbor the spirit of greed and ill-gotten gain. By the same token, any business, regardless of its size, can be possessed by that spirit. Pride, covetousness and the pursuit of pleasure can motivate even the smallest businessman, making him, like his corporate counterparts, yet another cog in the humanist’s wheel of fortune and fame. Void of feelings for people, that business operates merely to make more and more money, higher and higher profits.

A business driven by this unholy spirit is not content to merely cover costs and make a reasonable profit. It exists solely to make more. Accordingly, its every act is directed at higher numbers on the bottom line of the financial report. Any technique that enhances the profit picture can gain management approval. Both the employee and the consumer are regarded as mere pawns of the system.

Today, capitalism has lost God’s favor, as it outgrows the “old-fashioned” ideas of fair pricing, concern for others, and consideration for those who build and buy its products. With the growth of humanistic capitalism, compassion has steadily been replaced by greed, and love has given way to selfishness. These traits are far from the Christian ideal.

God cannot condone this type of capitalism. The system will fail, as most Americans, including Christians, are determined to preserve or improve their current lifestyles and the economic system that ensures its preservation. So, the downward spiral will continue, creating an ever-more-dismal state of affairs, and bringing about its own demise: the Great Tribulation.

For more on this subject, please see my book, America's Demise; Antichrist's Rise

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