The Degradation of Christianity and the Fate of a Nation

Activity without purpose, practices without purity, worship without power – these are trademarks of New Age Christianity in America. Many claim salvation and serve God with their lips, but their hearts are far from Him. An appearance of religion, a façade over an empty life – these describe the average Christian in our affluent, humanistic society.

The “self” is the sin-inducing power within the heart of every man. Many Christians today openly encourage the self-confident, self-satisfying attitude that has its roots in humanism. While humanism is obviously man’s spiritual enemy, sin is, in fact, his more dangerous adversary. Man’s real enemy is his own flesh – his own lust, pride and self-sufficiency – easily swayed by Satan’s humanist demons. Man’s own self-will causes him to submit to the serpent’s lies and taste the forbidden fruit.

Detached from the light-producing Vine, Christians with sin in their lives have no resistance to humanism or to the many false doctrines born out of its unholy marriage with the church. Absent the presence of God, sinning saints are simply overwhelmed by a deluge of hell-bred deception and darkness, and they don’t even know it.

The new immoral majority are strong in numbers, but woefully unable to exert any moralistic muscle on a wicked American population. Today’s church is too content in its own sins to purge the soul of the nation, too saturated with self-interest to restore morality and godly convictions to the populace. With humanism penetrating its hallowed walls, the church itself is the problem. Because holiness is rejected as a relic of the unlearned past, the apostate church no longer condemns sin. Because there is no conviction, some Christians can now out-sin the wicked, without even blushing.

These Christians certainly have nothing to offer a sin-cursed world. They cannot manifest a Christ whom they do not know. Neither can they legislate morality; it must be learned. Unfortunately, there are hardly any teachers or role models left in America who can truthfully say, “I have no known sin in my life, but if I sin or if God reveals anything out of character with Himself, I’m willing to repent and turn from it with all my heart.”

Not too many years ago, sinners refused salvation because they knew it meant they had to stop sinning. Today that problem has been alleviated. Today the church simply condones sin. Sinners can roam freely about the church, welcomed with words of love and grace. Many stand in the pulpit.

God never changes, so His treatment of sin is completely predictable. God will always punish sinners. Therefore, American’s sins call for her destruction. Our country’s downfall, while hastened by humanism, is ultimately due to its passion for pleasure and possessions, its lust for leisure and recreation, its obsession with sin. Sin opened the door to humanism, and sin keeps it open. As long as America bathes herself in sin, humanism will remain the nation’s state religion, incurable diseases will claim millions of lives, and communism will push closer to our shores.

For more on America's path to destruction, see my recently-published book, America's Role in Armageddon.

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