Watching the decline of American values and Christian culture in our great country,  I took a two-year sabbatical to study the word of God, as expressed in the Holy Bible. I sought to understand the impact of humanism and liberal progressivism on our lives and souls, as I saw the concept of holiness discarded in favor of Self worship.  In my book, America's Demise; Antichrist's Rise, I present my conclusions, in an attempt to forge a personal path to holiness, and, in the process, perhaps provide hope and direction for other American Christians, as our world plummets toward Armageddon and the Tribulation.

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The End of Old America 


What has happened to America's foundation of Judeo-Christian values? The demise of our great country parallels the demise of mankind as a whole, in the face of humanism and liberal progressivism. 

Part 1 of America's Demise; Antichrist's Rise explores the death grip that humanism has on America, her mode of commerce, her religious structures, her economy, and the faith - and ultimately fate - of her citizens.

The Coming Tribulation


Unfolding world events indicate that the end of time is near. There is urgency, therefore, for Christians to understand what is to come, and to prepare. We are approaching a seven-year Tribulation, in which God's wrath will be unleashed on a wicked and unrepentant world. 

We believe there is hope - if not for our nation's sanity - then at least for individuals in pursuit of sanctity. For those of us who choose holiness, these can be the best of times, our only hope as we witness the terrible demise of man and civilization as we know it.

Part 2 of America's Demise; Antichrist's Rise is a study of the unimaginably dark days ahead, the end of time, and the return of Jesus Christ. As it defines our end, so does it define the Rapture, the Millennium, and our opportunity for a new beginning, achieving perfection through our Lord.

Quest for Holiness


If the die is cast for America's future - and the future of the world - our only hope is our own spiritual revolution. We must start with a revolt against sin and the effects of liberal humanism on our hearts and our lives. Our quest for holiness must be sought with the same passion our enemies exercise against us and our great nation.


This final section of America's Demise; Antichrist's Rise examines the way in which we have reached a state of crisis, the source of sin, sanctification through faith, resurrection, consecration, separation from the world system, and ultimately trusting in God and existing in Christ.